April: American Goldfinch

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On April 1st the Goldfinch will look more like what you see above.

This is how the American goldfinch will look at the end of April.

Goldfinches will come to your backyard feeder if black-oil sunflower or nyger (thistle) seed is offered. Goldfinches are unique among our local bird-feeder birds in that they are they only ones who eat only seeds through the nesting season. All the other seed eaters switch to insects for rearing young.

Goldfinches also nest much later than other birds, waiting until the thistle goes to seed so they can line their nests with the fluffy “down” from the thistle seeds. You can hear their call here:http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Goldfinch/sounds

One thing we love about goldfinches is their bouncy flight and their cheerful “potato chip, potato chip” call while they fly.

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