April Invasive: Garlic Mustard

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First Year Plant


Seed Pods After Flowering

Garlic mustard_AmherstMA

Second year plant with flowers

First Year Plant

One of the first seen and very prolific invasive plant is Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) which is starting to grow now. This plant has a two year life cycle, the first year as a low growing plant and the second year with 1′ to 3′ stalks tipped with white, four petaled flowers. It prefers shade or semi-shaded areas.

Control is best accomplished by hand weeding, grasping the plant low to the ground in order to pull out the root. Second year plants should be bagged, left in a sunny place for a few weeks and then disposed of in the trash.

Control of this plant can take a number of years since seeds remain in the soil and sprout at different intervals.

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