June: The Babies!

Jun 4, 2015 by

This month most of our backyard birds will have young leaving the nest. You may come across a baby bird who’s unable to fly. What should be done? First, most babies fledge (leave the nest) before they can fly. The parents tend to the babies who remain safe in shrubs or tall plants. So, just seeing a baby on the ground does not mean it is orphaned or in trouble. Watch for a bit from a distance and see if the parents are caring for the youngster.

If you do find a true orphaned or injured bird try to gently place it in a box with some soft fabric and call our wonderful local songbird rehabber, Jayne Neville of Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary. You can contact the sanctuary at: (860) 681-1190. More info is at: mvssanctuary.org. Please note that the sanctuary doesn’t take non-native invasive species such as house sparrows or starlings. Don’t delay in seeking help, baby birds need almost constant care.

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