Protect Wildlife and Their Habitat

Nov 9, 2017 by

You can protect wildlife and their habitat with these great tips from Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust:


  • Support local & regional efforts to protect natural habitats and wildlife corridors (like the Southington Land Trust!)
  • Teach children respect for wildlife and wildlife habitats
  • Volunteer at your local nature centers and wildlife sanctuaries
  • Watch for wildlife when driving, especially at dawn and dusk. Remember, when one animal crosses, another may follow closely behind
  • Pick up trash during hikes
  • Buy local foods and goods
  • Buy organically grown produce to reduce pesticide runoff


  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Carpool, ride your bike or walk
  • Recycle and re-use plastic bags, and keep re-usable canvas bags handy
  • Shut your computer and printer down overnight and when not in use for extended periods of time

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