Recognizing Burning Bush

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Burning bush are invasive species and home owners are encouraged to remove them from their property and wooded areas as they take over space needed for native plant species that support native animals.

The State of CT highway department no longer plants these along the highways after determination that these are invasive!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has prohibited nurseries from selling burning bush in Massachusetts because of the invasive determination.

Water Conservation – what can I do?

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black-eyed-susans-and-grassesWater has entered my conversations a lot lately. It comes up when I walk at the West Hartford Reservoir with my best friend and we discuss the news of the MDC sale of water to the Niagara bottling company, it comes up when I catch up on another friend’s daughters, one in California and one in Texas both battling serious droughts and wildfires, it comes up when chatting with neighbors about their yellowing lawns. Water may be the next resource we begin to lose, and we should start now in our own backyards to use it wisely. (more…)

How Green is Your Yard?

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How Green is Your Landscape?

Now is a good time to look around your yard to see how many evergreen plants you have growing. Evergreens not only provide food and shelter for wildlife but also provide color to brighten our winter days.
Click on this link to learn more:

Contribute to the 2016 Town of Southington Plan of Conservation and Development

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You can contribute to the 2016 Town of Southington Plan of Conservation and Development. A meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 19th,  7 pm at the Municipal Center.  The draft plan is available for review online on the Town website. Click here to view. If you can, please attend! This is where you can make a contribution as to the direction Southington will move in  for the next  10 years.

Letter to the Editor: PZC chair urges public to stay involved in development plan

My Name is Jen Clock, I am currently serving on our Planning and zoning commission.

You may remember last year, around this time, our committee for the 2016 Plan of Conservation and Development held a public input meeting. The meeting was very well attended and valuable public input was taken.

Please read Jen Clock’s full Letter to the Editor here


What are you doing with your leaves?

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leaves-wideAutumn leaves are everywhere.

The question is what are you doing with your leaves? Are you dumping them on the open space or pond behind or alongside your property?

Wrong. All leaves should be taken to the curb in front or along side of your home.

We, as Southington residents, are very fortunate to have free leaf pickup, and the schedule will be printed in the local paper.

If, for some reason, you do not make the deadline for leaf pickup in your neighborhood, leaves can be bagged and taken to the landfill on Old Turnpike Road.

Remember, you must empty the bags and take them home with you.

If you have a lawn service please let them know that your leaves should be put at the curb and not dumped behind or alongside your home.

There are no exceptions. You, as the homeowner, are responsible to advise those you employ.

Carol A. Langley,  Southington Resident/SLCT Member

Bursting with Color

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Soon Connecticut will be bursting with color! Find out where the best views are in Connecticut, tips for leaf peepers and even learn why these beautiful colors show up each fall at the DEEP website


Why Plant Native?

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Why Plant Native? Gardening for Life

An Except from “Bringing Nature Home” 
by Douglas Tallamy

Chances are, you have never thought of your garden as a wildlife preserve that represents the last chance we have for sustaining plants and animals that were once common throughout the U.S. But that is exactly the role our suburban landscapes are now playing and will play even more in the near future.

If this is news to you, it’s not your fault. We were taught from childhood that gardens are for beauty; they are a chance to express our artistic talents, to have fun with and relax in. And, whether we like it or not, the way we landscape our properties is taken by our neighbors as a statement of our wealth and social status. But no one has taught us that we have forced the plants and animals that evolved in North America (our nation’s biodiversity) to depend more and more on human-dominated landscapes for their continued existence.

Read More

I Brake for Turtles!

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Brake For Turtles! Each year at this time female turtles leave the water to lay eggs.  In many places around Southington this involves crossing roads and many are killed.

Please be alert while driving during the next few weeks for turtles crossing the road.  You can help the turtle in the direction it is going if it is safe to do so.  Beware of snapping turtles though, they may not appreciate the help.  They will bite and have surprisingly long necks.

Southington Land Trust Dedicates Bog

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Biologist Bob Kuchta and Southington Land Trust president, Al Fiorillo

On May 14 the Land Trust held its annual dinner meeting at Spartans II restaurant with guest speaker Bob Kuchta. Bob spoke about the amazing geography right here in Southington, namely the kettle bog on the Tomasso property. Bob discovered the bog, also called a fen, from the ridge on the western side of town when he was a boy, hiking with his brothers. He spent some time trying to find out what caused the unusual arrangement of trees he was seeing. Kettle bogs became a lifelong interest for him. He even wrote his Master’s thesis on the bog which is now a Land Trust property.

To honor his lifelong protection of the fen, land trust members had the name officially changed to the Kuchta Family Fen. Al Fiorillo, our president, presented a plaque commemorating the naming and thanking Bob and his family for decades of protecting the fen.

An election of officers was also held at the dinner for the new fiscal year. Al will continue as president, John Fusari will be the new vice president. Irene Murray continues as secretary and Dan Nardini continues as treasurer.

Earth Day 2015

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earthIn honor of Earth Day, the Southington Land Trust volunteers donated their time and effort to help clean up portions of Southington’s Rails to Trails. Clean up consisted of picking up garbage, weeding out invasives and raking up brush. Thank you also to those who showed their appreciation as they passed by and those who joined our efforts!

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