The Southington Land Conservation Trust is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1973 with the mission of preserving open space in Southington, Connecticut.

Photo courtesy of Garrison Price a 15 year old hiker and rock climber from Southington

Photo courtesy of Garrison Price,  15 year old hiker and rock climber from Southington

The tools of open space protection include property  purchase, development rights purchase, accepting donations of land or development rights, or securing of conservation easements.

An underrated element of open space preservation is education. Knowledge of the benefits of open space preservation, combined with involvement in the process of protecting open space, equate to a dedication to responsible land management and development ethics. A well informed community can better participate in the coordination of various government entities, private property owners, public landholders, and conservation organizations.

We hope to further the education of our community while actively working to protect our dwindling resources.

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Benefits to Open Space Preservation:

  • Preservation of rural character
  • Preservation of wildlife habitat and encouragement of wildlife diversity
  • Preservation of educational and recreational habitats
  • Protection of vital drinking water resource
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