SLCT Properties

New Property
In October, the SLT acquired a 6.5 acre parcel located north of Meriden Waterbury at the foot of Meriden Mountain. The environment is a unique trap-rock habitat that his home to the rarely found Jefferson Salamander. Other unique vegetation on the property include Bloodroot and Bladdernut. Special thanks to Peter Picone for his assistance with this purchase.

Great Unconformity

The Great Unconformity is a geological anomoly that is preserved by a conservation easement. It is located off of Roaring Brook Drive. This rock formation has great scientific value.


Joyce Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a 8.57 acre portion of Lily Pond that sits between South End Rd. and Pondview Dr. The pond is home to many beautiful waterfowl including Swans and Blue Heron. We would like to thank Bill and Karen Joyce for their generous donation.


Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary

This 16.86 acre parcel was donated in 2007, by The Mount Vernon Corporation. It is located near Wedgewood Drive. We would like to thank Mr. Putnam and his family for their generous donation.

Wedgewood property is a prime example of a wetland environment. During the spring and summer any number of wildflowers can be found blooming. Jack-in-the-pulpit, Bloodroot, Trillium, Marsh Marigold, and Jumpseed are some examples. At any time you can explore the large variety of trees and shrubs along the trails; there are over twenty species of trees identified with many specimens of impressive size. Wildlife ranges from deer, fox, and turkey to Box Turtles and Wood Frogs if you are lucky enough to see them.

Download Trail maps of Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary


The Tomasso Property

This 17.28 acre parcel sits between Mount Vernon Rd. and Deerbrooke Dr. The area contains a rare kettlebog and numerous wetlands. We would like to thank the Tomasso Corporation for their generous donation. Download Press Release of the Acquisition.

The Great Unconformity

The Great Unconformity


Wood Anemone

Wood Anemone. For more photos of our Wedgewood property, click the photo above

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